Admir Veljović

Project manager

Mr. Admir Veljović has been active in developing, coordinating and implementing youth policy on national and local level in the Republic of Serbia since 2008 also in the capacity of a coordinator of the municipal Youth Office in Prijepolje until 2016, aiming to form a policy based on indicators and measurable impact though joint effort of public institutions and private organizations/businesses. During this time he has been developing models for youth individual 8 key competences development (including digital competence), youth info services and structures for sustainable community youth clubs in rural areas based on Jonkoping university practice and in cooperation with National alliance of youth workers of Serbia (NAPOR).

Within US Embassy OpenWorld program he build on his competences to run programs of engaging startups development through co-working spaces and hackerspace with future founders of Singularity University – a global learning and innovation community using exponential technologies (AI, robotics, etc.) to tackle the world’s biggest challenges and build a better future for all.  Back in Serbia, he merged local field initiatives creating a project that will engage students to develop their own tools and machines in co-working space in the settings of technical vocational schools through school cooperatives and task oriented practice.

In 2013 he has been awarded by the USAID mission in Serbia as a leader of the most active youth office among 140 municipalities in topic of entrepreneurship. As a part of testing group of the Council of Europe in 2014 he participated in forming European portfolio for youth leaders and workers.

Since 2019 Admir holds a position of a Project manager in WEBIN leading implementation of international projects related to youth/student wellbeing and adult digital competences based on EU DigComp framework.