ICT in Agrictulture

Earth observation and geoinformation related projects for environment and agriculture applications

Cristian Moise

Forms and channels of knowledge transfer in agricultural sector – gaps and challenges

Silva Grobelnik Mlakar, Anastazija Gselman, Alisa Hadžiabulić

Early forecast of apple and pear yield based on visualization of tree crown

Denis Stajnko

Flexigrobots – a versatile and flexible multi-robot system to precision agriculture

João Valente

Food and digital: bits and bites

Srđan Krčo, Senka Gajinov

From VIRAL to real – project achievements

Miljan Cvetković, Florin Stănică

Lecture on the use of unmanned aerial vehicles in agriculture

Momir Alvirović

Industry-Academia Collaboration in Montenegro - Digital Solutions for Smart Agriculture

Tomo Popović

Industry-Faculty Partnership in Slovenia - The use of Drone and Satellite Imagery in Precise Agriculture

Krajnc Sergej

Cooperation of University of Agronomic Science and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest with specialized companies in ICT

Peticila Adrian

Industry-Academia Research Collaboration in Software Engineering: Experience and Lessons Learned

Vahid Garousi

OPTIMILK - meal rationing application for dairy cows

Miljan Erbez

Precision Agriculture based on IoT, Cloud, and Mobile Apps

Tomo Popovic

Rulebook on the requirements for aerial drone operation

Nikola Jovanovic

IT systems in integrated Plant Production - useful tool or need?

Mladen Zovko

Robotics in Agriculture

Jurij Rakun

Practical use of drones in Agriculture

João Valente

Remote Monitoring and Control System or greenhouse Based on IoT

Aljo Mujčić

Incorporating smart IoT agriculture systems into engineering curriculum

Alma Šećerbegović

Smart Farming: A Case of Automatic Cow Milking System

Asmir Gogić

Application of Digital Signal Processing in Agriculture

Zdenka Babić

Application of GIS in Agricultur

Milan Šipka

Location Intelligence and Trends in Geographic Information Systems

Almir Karabegović

IoT in Agriculture

Qingzhi Liu

Drones in Agriculture

João Valente

Machine Learning/Deep Learning in Agriculture

Cagatay Catal

Architecting IoT Based Farm Management Information Systems

Bedir Tekinerdogan

Prezentacija platforme_Plodovi sela

Introduction conference

Sanja Radonjić

Introduction conference

Mirko Jokić

Introduction conference

Vladimir Risojević

Introduction conference

Radovan Stojanović

Introduction conference

Catal Cagatay

Introduction conference

Jurij Rakun