Denis Stajnko


Denis Stajnko Ph. D. in Agricultural Engineering, from 2014 Full Professor in the field of Agricultural Engineering, and recently the head of doctoral study program ‘Agriculture’ at the FALS. His work is oriented in agricultural engineering,

application of image vision in agriculture, alternative soil tillage, ecological footprint and CO2 emissions. He is a member of national research programme P1-0164 entitled Research on food safety and health (P1-0164).

Denis Stajnko participated in the development of the intelligent module for mist blowers (project EUREKA-MSASN), which was integrated in the production of of Agromehanika Kranj d.d. blowers. In cooperation with the company INO Brežice d.d. he developed and tested the edge limiter for the Ferti II series fertilizer spreaders.

He led Slovenian CRP V4-1062 project, in which the reduction of ecological footprints, CO2 and potential greenhouse gases (GWP) emissions into the atmosphere was measured after the introduction of a new (conservation) soil tillage technology. In the international project Si-Mur-At (Interreg III) he actively participated in several workshops on new innovative technologies of soil tillage and control of weeds on water protection areas. The result of his activities is also a professional handbook with guidelines for farmers entitled ‘Soil Tillage and Anti-Erosion Protection at Water Protection Zones’.