Dr. Silva Grobelnik Mlakar


Dr. Silva Grobelnik Mlakar, vice-dean for international cooperation, providing courses encompass topics as sustainability, organic/integrated food production, postharvest techniques and quality of vegetables and field crops, protected agricultural products and foodstuffs, food labelling. She took an active part in many national and international research projects addressing the quality of food (internal, external) regarding agricultural production system (Organic, Integrated, Conventional, Biodynamic). She took an active part in research projects under Core organic plus (SoilVeg, InterVeg, COBRA), Tempus (CaSA), Territorial Cooperation programme SI-AT (project Health-Care NE). In the frame of the last, she prepared and evaluated primary-school education module on food labelling (on Moodle platform). She led two national projects on digitalization and gamification of botanical garden.