Semina Hadžiabulić

PhD Associate professor

Semina Hadžiabulić, PhD Associate professor at Agromediterranean faculty, Dzemal Bijedic University of Mostar. She has published 46 scientific paper, 6 books, and she participated in 15 scientific-research projects, being the coordinator of projects with Norwegian government HERD, and projects by various Ministries in BiH, bilateral projects with Montenegro. She was a team member in TEMPUS projects (SER, AGRIVOC) ERASMUS projects (LANDS, BUGI) AgroMAP NETWORK funded by EC, Conservation and use of plant genetic resources in the area of SE Europe (SEEDNet); project financed by SIDA and Nordic Gene Bank. She was dean and vice dean of Agromediterranean faculty, and now she is a member of University Steering Commetee. Area of research covers plant genetics, GMO, plant breeding and biodiversity.