Questionnaire for advisors on the use of ICT in the agricultural sector

The advisory sector is one of the best ways to transfer information to the farmers and enables their successful adoption in production. The advisers are very successful in implementing applied research that provides insight into new production technologies (cultivation system, assortment, agro – and auxiliary equipment) and thus raise the level of agricultural production efficiency. The development of information and communication technologies (ICT) that we have witnessed in recent years is undoubtedly an opportunity to transform the way of agricultural production. The purpose of the Erasmus + VIRAL project (Vitalization of the importance of ICT in agricultural learning) is to explore the attitudes of farmers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Romania, the Netherlands and Slovenia on the role of ICT in agriculture. To what extent ICTs are present in the work of advisors, how they are used in working with agricultural producers, what are the real needs for improving work in the coming period and how it is possible to raise the level of use, are just some of the questions in this questionnaire. The answers should provide a basis for defining recommendations for improved use of ICT in the work of the advisory sector and thus contribute to their greater efficiency in the coming period.

Questionnaires for advisors can be found at the following link.