Tatjana Unuk

Ph. d.

Tatjana Unuk, Ph. d. in Agriculture, from 2018 Full Professor in the field of Agriculture, a head of Bsc. study program Agriculture and Environment, vice-dean for education, head of Fruit production and processing department.

Her research work includes all measures in the production of fruit (pruning, crop load regulation, fertilization, irrigation, use of different type of anti-hail nets, requirements of various production systems, etc.) that affect the quality and storage capacity of the yield. In her work, she investigates the possibility of using non-destructive methods of predicting the development of different parameters of fruit quality and relies on research equipment that is transferable and usable already in the orchard.

Tatjana Unuk was a leader or participated in several national projects related to the reduction of the use of chemical agents in fruit production, search for alternative measures in cultivation and quality related topics.